Dubrovnik is located in the south of the Croatian Riviera. It is the most beautiful city in Croatia, but also on the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is not far from Split. So if you plan to stay in Split you can contact us to organize your day trip from Split to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is like a real fairy tale, surrounded by azure waters of the Adriatic and fairy-tale landscapes. Few will remain indifferent to the incredible and unreal beauty of Dubrovnik that will make you come back again.


Dubrovnik is one of those towns for which everyone has heard. Characteristic narrow streets and high walls each year visit more and more tourists. This is an ancient city with magical beauty that will be a favorite for the pickiest visitors. Whether you come from Split to Dubrovnik or from some other place, you will certainly be impressed by the city. The first inhabitants of Dubrovnik were refugees from the Roman Epidaurus, who decided to appear at a site characteristic of the oak forest dubrava, after which Dubrovnik was named. In the 16th century Dubrovnik experienced a boom due to maritime trade, while today it is one of the most beautiful and most delightful holiday resorts in the Adriatic. Above the city, the well-known fortress of Minceta sighs, which testifies to the past of the city and from which an unparalleled view of the environment is provided.


These walls of the fort are well known to all of the fans of the Game of Thrones series because they have just served as an inspiration for the series. The sightseeing of the Old Town is just the best starting from the stroll through the walls. Near the West Gate there is the Great Onofrio Fountain, guarded by monsters and from which the cold water flows. Stradum is one of the most beautiful in the world, and it is all worth a visit. Although there are several beautiful churches and synagogues. You should visit especially the Franciscan monastery, which is done in a specific architectural style. It is also the Dominican monastery in which the image of St. Dominique painted by Bonin from Milan. Another one of the main sights of Dubrovnik is the Rector’s Palace, whose rooms you can also visit.

The best way to go around Dubrovnik’s old town is Dubrovnik Cable Car it was built in 1969. And so far, millions of visitors enjoyed panoramic views of Dubrovnik.

In addition to cultural and historical monuments there are beautiful sandy beaches, azure sea and rocky bays that show that nature has paid special attention to this city. And if you go from Split to Dubrovnik, or some other part of Croatia, Adriatic transfers are always at your disposal.