Split is located on the Split peninsula and it is the largest city in Dalmatia. It is surrounded by the Adriatic coast, the mountains and the islands of Brac, Hvar, Ciovo and Solta making it one of the most attractive destinations in Croatia. When you come to the Croatian coast, Split is impossible to skip. Even if you have not planned to visit it. What is not possible to skip is also a trip from Split to Novalja.


Although there is evidence that the city’s space was inhabited before, Split’s history is often thought to have begun with the Roman tsar Diocletian. The great emperor Diocletian wanted to make a palace on this island, near the Roman city of Salona, ​​where he would spend the last years of his life. In 295 the construction of the palace began. And it is also the year when the founding of the city of Split began. Over time, this magnificent city has developed from this palace, which today is rich in rich cultural and historical heritage, tradition and beautiful nature. The Diocletian’s Palace still stands in the core of Split and since 1979 is under the protection of UNESCO. The palace is of exceptional historical significance. Not only because it has managed to resist the time and it remains almost perfectly preserved, but also because it is one of the best preserved examples of the ancient Greek architecture that exists today. As you walk through an ancient city, you will have the feeling of returning to the past. Although Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most famous sights of Split, it is not the only one.

From the Marijan Park you can also enjoy the view of the antique Split. Nearby are the beaches Jezinac, Zvonacac and Kasjuni. Marmont Street stands as a reminder of the short power of the French in Split. One of the symbols of Split is definitely the Square of the Republic or the Prokirative who is on the three sides decorated with extraordinary buildings in a non-Renaissance style, while the fourth side is open to the sea. The famous Split waterfront, where numerous historical events took place. Today it is a cult place in Split and the main spot for gathering. From Split, you can quickly reach Novalja, one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic.

Split is located at the right intersection of the roads, so that beside Split, you can also travel from Split to Novalja, Zadar, Trogir and Sibenik, and Adriatic Transfers will take care of your safe transportation.