Have you ever wanted to visit a city or a country, but you did not know where to begin with? It’s safe to say that almost every traveler, from beginners to passionate ones, had that first trip with the same doubts as you are having right now. Even though it is really nice to go with the flow and not plan the trip but to enjoy it spontaneously, it is highly recommendable to make some important steps before setting off on your adventure. That’s why we are going to reveal some crucial information on how to plan your trip and to enjoy it the whole time! Here is top 7 advice for travelers in 2019.

My budget + Your budget = More options


When you start planning your trip, budget is one of the most important things. It actually determines many of your options such as destination of your trip, accommodation, dining, souvenirs etc. It’s important to determine the budget immediately. If you are traveling in a group, it might be a good thing that you all give the same amount of money and share it for things like dinners, transportation, museums etc. It’s really interesting because you sometimes don’t know where this shared budget will take you – imagine if you rent a bikes with your friends and make a tour of the whole city – how cool can that be?

A place to stay

A place to stay

Based on our experience, people like to leave accommodation as the last thing to search for when planning a trip. It seems really odd since you have to sleep somewhere if you are heading to another town for a few days, right? When searching for accommodation, it is best for you to be located somewhere near your points of interests so that you don’t have to use large proportion of your budget on transportation. Tourists usually prefer Internet sites such as AirBnb or Booking where you can see what you would get for a price that is optimal for your budget.

Find your own way to meet the city


By the time you finally start your adventure in another city or country, it would be useful for you to check some extra interesting sights that this place offers. It is usually much easier to just hire a tour guide, but believe us, discovering the beauties of the city all by yourself or with your friends is really something different. The rule says: you are not lost even if you think you are. You will have to start a conversation with domestic people and see how they behave, learn their culture and way of living, which is actually the best way to experience the place you are right now.

Enjoy the moment

taking foto

Even though it is much easier to say than to do in the modern world we are living in, we realized that enjoying moments without using your cameras and cell phones actually makes people more satisfied at the end of the journey. Of course that capturing the moment on your camera has a specific value, but when you see all the beautiful and picturesque sights with your own eyes and feel it with your whole body, it’s just something a camera can’t replace.

Be aware

Peoples square

Because of all the thrill and excitement during the visit of your dream destination, people forget about all the potential dangers of the place they are visiting. Always remember to keep your money and documents close to you, especially in overcrowded places like markets and squares. Avoid visiting small and dark alleys too. Oh, one more thing. Be sure to check the domestic currency and compare it to your currency so that you can be sure you are not being tricked when exchanging the money or paying for your dinner or something else.

New city, new challenge


Since you are visiting a different city from your hometown or from the city you are living in, it would be really great if you tried something that you have never tried before. For instance, if your destination has some special dishes or domestic cuisine that is really unique, don’t hesitate to try those specialties so that you can experience the culture that might be different from yours. Experience the night life in the city, dance in the public if you are usually scared, fell in love… Just enjoy the things and love life!

Tiny souvenir, large memory


Buying souvenirs like postcards or something that city of your interest is known for. That really a great way of remembering your adventure and it can relive your memories whenever you pass by it in your home. However, in the past few years more and more people tend to find their souvenirs while walking around their points of interest – for instance, a heart shaped rock can be a nice souvenir that will always remind you of the place you found it!


We really hope that our advice helped you with the trip planning you are going to start soon! There are many more things you have to experience and learn, but remember – this is your adventure and your life – be sure to live it to the fullest!

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