I am sure that most of you who have visited or heard about Dubrovnik and Split would agree that these two cities are probably the most beautiful ones on Adriatic sea coast. With all the contents and amazing sights, it’s no wonder that thousands of tourist visit these places every day. The distance between Split and Dubrovnik is around 230 kilometres. This information would be very dull for anybody so I decided  to make it more interesting. I will tell you about  all the phenomenal places I have discovered on my way from Split to Dubrovnik. The story about those places just confirms the fact that this part of world is really a one tiny piece of God’s touch and will offer you something you wouldn’t even dream of. Come and meet my favorite places on the magical route!



This amazing city on river Neretva  is one the pearls you just have to visit. It’s located in southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has so many beautiful things to offer. I fell in love with Mostar at first sight for so many reasons, especially for its muslim culture side in the Old Town with the very famous Stari Most (bridge). With all the mosques and emphasized muslim architecture and sights, it felt like you are enjoying your time far away from Europe in some Arab city! Other sights like Bishop’s Ordinariate and architecturally perfect churches and mosques should also interest you. Something you just aren’t allowed to miss!


Rizman Winery

I am a great wine lover who likes to try new wines every time I have the opportunity. Rizman Winery is a very popular place near the city of Opuzen that left me speechless the first time I visited it. The beauty of this winery lies in the magnificent view on peninsula Pelješac and on the vineyards located on hills.  And it was not only because of great wine, but because of the whole family history and the whole family Štimac has had for several generations. It’s a great joy to watch all the vineyards and all the family members being so passionate about their winery. You can see the process of making wine and many other things out there!



This lovely little place is a perfect example of how Croatian hardworking people lived throughout the centuries. How they developed impressive things worth admiring here. My favorite part of Ston are actually Ston Salt Works, one of the oldest ones in whole Mediterranean area! Some of my friends even worked there voluntarily in order to get to know with the whole process. Well, and it’s definitely something really special! Another interesting fact regarding Ston is that it is a home of second longest wall after the Great Wall of China! Who would have imagined that it would be located in such a small place like Ston?!

Oh, and don’t forget to try Ston oysters – they are absolute magic, especially if you combine them with Rizman wines!

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