Croatia is very well known as one of the most unique and beautiful countries with millions of brilliant cultural sights, breathtaking nature and amazing gastronomic offer. With more and more people coming to Croatia every year, it became very clear that this beautiful country has something very important to offer and it pretty much has everything to do with having the time of your life while staying there. When it comes to enjoying foreign countries like Croatia, it comes down to seeing beautiful sights, trying local cuisine and, what is the most important factor for many people, enjoying phenomenal parties and vivid nightlife. Luckily for every tourist who is craving for hanging out with and meeting new people, festivals in Croatia is one of the best locations in the whole of Europe. In fact, there are several amazing festivals that bring people from all over the world to enjoy the finest artists and finest music there is.

When it comes to the definition of Croatian summer parties, Novalja and Split should be your first choices, without any doubt. Novalja on island Pag is a phenomenal place also known as Croatian Ibiza. Actually it becomes even more popular than famous Spanish partying destination. The coolest thing about Novalja and its partying style is that it has lots of beaches. You can enjoy amazing music, meeting new people and partying until the early hours of the next day. The most popular beach is Zrće beach with most popular clubs Papaya, Aquarius, Noa, and Kalypso and they have all that you need for a good time. In recent years, these clubs became top destinations for worldwide known singers like who gladly spend their time there and enjoy great weather and partying atmosphere.

In order for you to be aware of those phenomenal partying days, we have come up with a list of festivals in Croatia during the year of 2019 so that you can be properly prepared once this festival wave arrives. Clear your schedule because it’s going to be phenomenal!

1. Ultra Europe Festival ( 12 – 14 July)

Ultra Europe Festival has been the central event among European partying elite in the past few years. It will take place on one of the most beautiful football stadiums called Poljud in Split. Names like David Guetta, Arming Van Buuren, Eric Prdyz speak on how strong this festival is and how easily it’s sold year after year. It would be great if you could book tickets immediately since this year’s line up is going to be something else, according to many people! Don’t miss one of the greatest event of the year in one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia!

2. Hideout Festival (1 – 5 July)

One of the most phenomenal festivals of electronic music that has been leaving people breathless for 9 consecutive years on Zrće beach! With around 150 performers like Rudimental and many others coming to Hideout Festival this year, you will surely remember those 5 amazing days of July forever. The best thing about this festival is that you get to meet new people, enjoy amazing music and combine it with great weather and Adriatic sea. It’s just a combination that you do not want to miss.

3. Fresh Island Festival (15 – 17 July)

With one of the finest selection of artists in the past few years, this festival is known as the best urban beach festival in whole Europe! It will also take place on Zrće beach and the fact that some of the best artists like Tim Westwood, Afro B, Tory Lanez and many others will be the strongest line up of this Festival tells you that you have to be there in the middle of July 2019. Just imagine combining your vacation in order to see both Hideout and Fresh Island Festival – dream come true vacation!

4. Sonus Festival ( 18 – 22 August )

Adriatic coast has the highest temperatures during August, especially in the middle of August. We think it might have something to do with the fact that the island of Pag, actually Zrće beach to be more precise. Zrće beach with several open air clubs will host an amazing Sonus festival with more than 70 artists from all over the world. If you and your friends adore world superstar DJs like Marco Carola, you will definitely remember this summer of 2019 in Croatia.

5. The Garden Tisno ( 3 – 10 July)

One of the nicest partying spots located in a picturesque and charming Tisno will allegedly have its last show on this location. However, the major success in the last 6 years will have its culmination in July 2019 and it is highly recommendable that you visit it. Not only because of great electronic music but because of friendly people, great beaches and restaurants and so on. Don’t miss your favorite artist in this beautiful Croatian town!



When it comes to useful things you should know when visiting Split, Novalja, Tisno or any other destination with amazing festivals in Croatia, you need to be aware of the higher prices in the area around the festivals. For instance, fast food might seem like a cheaper option than restaurants to you, but it is usually not like that. A major problem for people coming to festivals is often transportation. Our advice is not to use taxi too often since this form of transportation is usually more expensive than our first option – buses- Bus transportation is optimal for you, especially if you are in a group of people.

When it comes to apartments, you won’t be able to reserve an apartment near Zrće beach since the apartments are a little bit further from the partying area. You can find accommodation in a distant area and it’s all organize and cover with shuttle buses. It is a bit different in Split and Tisno, accommodation is in walking distance from a festival location.

We would consider this a big success if you found our advice about festivals useful and we really hope that you will come to Croatia to experience the best parties in the whole of Europe!

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