Thanks to the planes today it is possible to visit any part of the world only after several hours of flight. Whether it is Africa, Asia, and America, air travel offers the ability to quickly reach any destination in the world. When traveling from Zagreb, the starting point will definitely be the Zagreb Airport. And if you have just arrived in Zagreb, the starting point from the airport will be your Zagreb Airport Taxi.


Today in the world, at least one city, usually the main, has an airport. Croatia, however, can boast of many of them, of which Zagreb Airport is the country’s main international airport. The first airport in Zagreb was built in 1909 in the village of Crnomerec. The 1962 airport is located in the present place in Ples. Zagreb’s airport is now the largest and most important airport in Croatia, and it is about 17 kilometers from the center of Zagreb. At the same time, both military and civilian airports do not serve primarily tourism, but from here travelers travel for a variety of purposes.

Zagreb Airport is the home base of Croatia Airlines. At the airport there are many other European airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Air France, Austrian Airlines, and Lufthansa. In 2017, the airport received a new passenger terminal, while old ones will be used for other purposes. The airport has one runway length of 3,259 meters. Zagreb Airport is open 24/7, so it is possible to spend the night here in the waiting room. If you in need for a parking lots you will found several arranged around the airport, but it is not possible to reserve a parking space. From Zagreb you can reach the next destination with Zagreb Airport taxi. Within the airport building there is a cafe bar, restaurant, exchange offices, ATMs, car rental offices and souvenir shops that receive more and more credit cards. At the airport, there are also state institutions such as Customs Offices and International Freight Forwarding.

Arriving from the city center of Zagreb to the airport takes between 30-45 minutes, depending on the traffic jams as well as the time of the day. If the traffic is of usual density, the time of arrival to the airport is less than 40 minutes. Transport to and from the airport is possible by city bus, own car or Zagreb airport taxi. In addition, Adriatic Transfers guarantees excellent transport service.